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Submit Your Landmarks of Landmark Entries Now!


Submissions for the Landmarks of Landmark competition are now open! 

Throughout Alpha and Closed Beta, we've been in awe at the creations coming from the community. Since Landmark is a game, and a world, we're building together, here is your first chance to make a permanent mark on the world of Landmark by helping us create landmarks for Landmark!

Ultimately, the hub area in each island will be more than just a portal spire and a forge. We'll be adding more amenities to make these areas useful, and we'd also like to add a wide variety of distinct landmarks...and we'd like YOU to help us design them!

Winning landmarks will be used in Landmark hubs during Beta and in our live game!

To enter this competition, use a single claim to create a visually impressive and striking landmark of any sort. Fantasy, historic, futuristic -- any style goes! It needs to be placeable on flat ground, and include a flat base layer 50 voxels deep to allow it to sink into slight slopes.

You can submit your entries in game from now through May 7, 2014.

For more information about the competition, including entry requirements, style guidelines, and full legal rules, please visit this post on the official Landmark forums

Pursuant to the EULA, SOE will have the right, but not the obligation, to use any of the entries (not just winners) as distinct landmarks in the hub area of an island.