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How to Share




Landmark is a social game, offering a variety of ways for players to share their experiences with one another. But sharing goes far beyond the basic social features such as groups, guilds, and friend lists - in Landmark, you can CREATE and SHARE your very own adventure.

CREATE and SHARE your very own adventure

Put a damsel in distress, build a steampunk hot air balloon, or design a spooky haunted house and have your fellow players experience them right away! Challenge your guild mates with intriguing puzzles, have your friends join a Wild West gunfight, or write a sinister quest line that spans multiple build sites leading all the way to the epic finale of your creativity. Another way to create something special to share with the community is to build for special holiday events! Build a winter wonderland with a gingerbread arena or lure unsuspecting wanderers into your Halloween graveyard. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all up to you and your imagination.

If you can think of it - you can create it!

Steampunk hot air balloon

If you don’t want to build alone, you can always share your plans and invite your friends to build with you. In Landmark, you can allow any other player to join you on your build site. You can customize permission levels for your friends and fellow builders, and cooperatively turn your ideas into virtual reality.

Your creations can easily be shared through the gallery. Simply tag your build sites with appropriate keywords and allow other players to stumble upon your adventures. If your site is available in the gallery, players will be able to teleport to your creation with as little as a click of a button.


While Landmark invites you to enter a world full of creativity and adventure, what you do in Landmark is enjoyed best when it’s shared with other players!

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