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How to Create


By: Amanda “Murren” Thomas


Landmark’s building tools give you power to create nearly anything imaginable! So how do you create something memorable?

create something memorable

To begin building your piece of Lumeria, simply enter Build Mode and select the Building tab. The simplicity of the Build Mode allows you to build basic structures easily. The Add and Delete tools allow you to add (and remove) blocks, spheres, and other shapes to the world. Combine this with the Line tool for building on an angle and the power of the Smooth tool to change the size and shape of blocks. The tutorial goals will guide new players through the basics of building. You can also refer to the help menu (F12) for a refresher, and don’t be shy to ask other players for tips!

You can build fantasy homes, futuristic spaceships, and anything in between, but creation in Landmark isn’t limited to structures! If you can imagine it, you can create it!

If you can imagine it, you can create it

Textures, Props and Tints, Emitters, and Lighting options can be used to give your build the specific feel you want. You can decide between ultra-high tech and space western with a simple choice of textures, lighting, and props. Want to build something out of a fantasy story? You can add emitters to give your mage’s study a magical sparkle. Adding props can make a shell of a bazaar feel like an often-visited space, alive with activity. Props and lighting can also add just the right bit of depth to an empty room, creating a warm and inviting space.

If working on a solo project isn’t your style, team up with other Luminaries! Combine styles, skills, and creativity to enhance what each of you could do on your own and make friends in the process! Input from other Luminaries can help inspire your own build, or you might learn something unexpected while helping on another Luminary’s project.

Landmark’s Creation tools have given me the ability to create spaces that I had only imagined before, and to and help create spaces that I never would have dreamed. I hope to meet you in Lumeria!

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