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How to Collect


By Geo of


As you adventure through the worlds of Landmark, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, caves, and monster-filled Chaos Caverns that are native to Lumeria. But even more amazing are the things made by players!  Player creations range from simple builds, to beautiful works of art, to amazing player-created adventures filled with challenge and wonder. On their sites, players tell their stories through intriguing NPCs. In a player-made world like Landmark, the adventures you can go on are limitless. 

Collect 2

When you’re out on adventures and exploring the world, you’ll collect resources and treasures, including Lumens. As one of Landmark’s Luminaries, you’ll want to collect as many Lumens as possible. We’ll explain why in a bit! 

You’ll also start Landmark with a great list of things you’ll know how to craft, but you’ll need resources and materials to make them. You can gather these in the various environments of Lumeria (the world of Landmark).

Landmark has an entertaining and robust Goal & Achievements system. It tracks your “Luminary” score and provides goals that guide you through the world of Landmark. The first series of goals you’ll accomplish are from the tutorial; you’ll complete these by building your first creation from pre-made designs. Completing the tutorial earns you the “Luminary” title which you can display on your character (press H). 

One of my favorite parts of Landmark is its wickedly funny and clever titles for goals. Landmark’s devs are all long-time gamers and followers of pop culture. As you venture across the worlds and collect a treasure trove, the aptly named achievements and goals will reward you with laughs and loot! 

Collect Goals


Every time you complete a goal and earn an accomplishment, you’ll receive Lumens. 

Lumens are used to:

  • Unlock features
  • Acquire resources
  • Unlock rare NPCs to use on your build site
  • Learn recipes to craft beautiful weapons, outfits, furniture,  armor and tools
  • Buy extra storage and props
  • And more! 

You can use Lumens at the special in-game Lumen Stations. 

One thing to remember about Landmark is that ALL its content is made by players. You’ll never run out of things to do and see. The player-made adventures can keep you endlessly entertained with storytelling that would make Shakespeare proud, clever puzzles, dungeons to explore, and dancing monsters to entertain you and your friends.

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